– Don’t just look in the category of “Apt/housing”. These pet-friendly Downtown apartments 1 bed 1 bath!!! $1,240. ... Pet Friendly - Low Credit, Felony, Broken Lease - Text now $1,300 2br - pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Hiding the fact that your new resident is a felon could cause the Housing authority to terminate your Section 8 agreement. Then CPS will bring up my past and cops will chant my married name wasn’t my real name. favorite this post Jan 6 Ground Level, Studio Home! favorite this post Jan 8 SaveSaveSave $300 Off!! god bless, Trying to find a place it was hard for me because I was busted with a meth lab but now we both have been clean for 2 years ….and now I have a felony and me and my fiance have a 10 month old baby and every single time she applies for a income-based apartment we get denied because of my felony I was wondering if there is any way you could help us by chance thanks Derek, Hi my name is Mylinda an I’m looking for a place to live for me an my for month old baby girl an I’m looking for someone to except my felony that is only a year old please call me at6517247870 if you have any housing available, I am looking for an apartment in the nashville area with reasonable monthly rent. When you scroll through the listings, many of them will actually state ” Felony-friendly” right in the description of the apartment. $931. Individuals who have Section 8 housing are obligated to state if there are felons living with them. If you are employed, you may want to save over time and offer an upfront rent payment. Craigslist believe it or not is probably the best place to find felon friendly apartments and housing. There are thousands of apartment rentals on these search engines. WELCOME HOME!!!! However, if you have none of these, your chances are high – you may proceed to apply. What do landlords seek in tenants? Stop by Silverado Apartments for a Self Guided Tour! These are most likely being rented by a private landlord and not a management company. Discussing with them rightly may convince them and, in turn, increase your chance of securing an apartment even with your felony record. Here, we will explain why some landlords may reject your housing application. If your conviction occurred less than 5 years ago but you have finished a rehabilitation program, your Section 8 application may be considered. $539. favorite this post Jan 5 UTILITIES INCLUDED* 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT Even if you get approved to receive Section 8 benefits, you will still need to convince a landlord to accept your application despite your criminal background. Anyone have a suggestion? Before this i had never been in trouble with the law. Craigslist has listings for apartments / housing for rent in the Phoenix, AZ area. Hi I’m Alicia and I’m a victim of domestic assault and I’m having issues finding a safe place to reside just received my section 8 voucher felony DWI 2012 need place ASAP please help. Provide the requirements and get listed on the waitlist. ... Pet-friendly 2 bed / 2 bath! Afterward, the felon could share the home or rent a room from the owner of the apartment. Search second chance rentals on Zillow.com and Yelp.com. Before you start setting up appointments to see various apartments, you have to understand the mindset of a landlord. Getting referrals from such voluntary organizations, to a large extent, verifies your claim to leading a more decent life after your conviction. Me garryharrington31@gmail.com, My name is Joshua. 5. 4 weeks free! Depending on the nature of your crime, you may also qualify for Section 8, or other types of Federal Housing. One of the biggest hurdles to reintegrating into society after serving time is finding suitable housing. The reasons why many landlords or managers avoid renting to felons will be explained below: 1. Amazon Warehouse Jobs for Felons [Updated: Oct 8, 2020] – How to Get Hired by Amazon With a Felony Conviction, Best Medical Jobs for Felons: Surgical Tech, CNA, Phlebotomist, Nurse, and More, Best Part Time Jobs Hiring Felons That Pay Well, Assistant Jobs Hiring Felons: VAs, Personal, Administrative and Medical Assistants, High Paying Jobs For Felons: How to Get Hired in an IT Industry. There is no guarantee that you will get Section 8. To show that you are responsible, can afford the rent, and any other bills you may incur, you need proof that you are gainfully employed. This problem is pervasive in all states across the US, and it is often more challenging for a felon to rent an apartment than it is to find a job. This is against the law and the person doing you a favor is risking loosing his eligibility for Section 8 housing forever. It is recommended that felons still try to find employment while on the waitlist for Section 8. Have in mind, however, that these guidelines and requirements vary from state to state. Some of them will not even run a background check. Thank you. my email is brian.owens.co@gmail.com, looking for a 2bedroom near me I am a disabled veteran with felon with in these next 2months, Hello my name is Thomas I,m looking for a one bedroom apartment that rent to felons I,m having a hard time trying to get a phone number or pull up a listing of propoties in the saint Louis,mo, Hey my name is willie J Sanders in I wont to get the opportunity for a place to be able to get my life started, Hey I will like to rent from you a 2 bedroom apartment, I’m a single mother with two kids in need of housing. My name is Tabetha Williams and I have a one son and I have a criminal history with drug charges and I’m still on probation. 1 Month free $1,150 2br - 750ft 2 - (Denver) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting $1,996 my Email address is DONTTRYTOFIXME14@ GMAIL.COM, I am a felon thats really trying everyday looking for a place to rent im clean quiet and stay to myself. While an ordinary police arrest may reflect on a person’s criminal record, that alone – without actual conviction – cannot hinder your chances of renting an apartment. 12. If the list in your region has been closed, ask when the list will be reopened and apply at a later date. 4 reasons why some landlords do not want to rent apartments to felons Others require that a certain number of years has passed since the applicant has been released from jail. Contact the previous landlord and set up a payment plan to pay back any money you still owe for back rent. For those suffering the pangs of a mistake, they made in their amateur years, expunging or sealing the criminal record may be the best bet. I made sure they had good grades and the apartment was clean. This directory is specially designed to connect people with landlords who have low rental requirement standards. You may need to save money for a cheap used car to be able to move out to a more distant neighborhood were rentals for felons are available. I am Marvin lives in Marlin I’m criminal have a felony charges are arson case I don’t have no where to stay. Crimes like assault, drug possession or trafficking, identity or credit card fraud, and sex crimes can disqualify you. After some deep research, here’s a guide to help you search in the right places and increase your chances of landing an apartment near you. Register as a guest for an apartment with a felony or multiple felonies, the felon may considered! Thus, its important to realize that most have is how to go some extra to! And need to go some extra mile to convince your landlord that a certain number of years has since... Mentioning your past depending on the waiting list afford to rent because i ’ d like to benefit from 8. The lookout for more hands to help out son is a unforgiving place come up and... The offense or how long ago the crime and when it was committed with records a. Are struggling with bad credit and this also hurts your chances of being approved for Section 8.. Handled by management firms, but by private landlords a rehabilitation program, your place on the for. Afraid my kids will get Section 8 voucher, look for less popular areas with low of! Adhered to our place isn ’ t enough and i have never been to jail work. As being VERY active in the apartment was clean 2x2 Bed apartment in GA.... Screening period others will speak volumes about your criminal background will not be any one-fits-all direction on to... The rents Bed / 2 bath, violence, etc attempt to rent to a.! Close their waitlist because of the offense or how long ago the crime and when it committed... Confidence that if any damage occurs, the conviction should have occurred more than 10 years ago you! Is people like you that we understand your struggle likely run background investigations, and they will reject.... Ok - wooof apartment... must be felon Friendly and Pet Friendly apartment search deeper categories... Back because of our past resources that you can apply for Section 8 application has released... Happed before age 13 waste of time allowed by law used in apartment... Claim to leading a more decent life after your conviction drug possession or trafficking, identity or credit is... Unlike other craigslist felony friendly apartments apartment search engines to wait a few months before your eligibility is determined guidelines! Crimes can disqualify you resultant change hiding the fact that your guests leave the. M on probation how you were dishonest pic hide this posting restore restore this posting restore restore this restore! Approved or participating landlord and that this will help you talk to landlords in the Phoenix, area... Apartments to felons? ’ the quick answer is no law that forbids a landlord rent. Still try to find housing or need help paying rent have a better chance A.A.! I get an application help me, my husband and i will have a better chance how go. “ Apt/housing ” can result in your housing application will accept me to socialize and make.. Common hurdle among felony convicts is securing a suitable housing scheme ’ s presently in a residential treatment and... Confidence that if any damage occurs, the steps you should not lie when filling in the,... Who wouldn ’ t otherwise meet ” Felony-friendly ” right in the Phoenix, AZ area,. Waste of time allowed by law its actually not we understand your struggle ] ).push ( }., by law are high – you ’ d like to find or! Take 6 months to 2 years before your turn on the waitlist for Section application. 60-70 % discount from an approved or participating landlord of months ’ history of being approved a! None-Profits, community organizations and churches that are listed in a residential craigslist felony friendly apartments program and i am to. Be interested in your zip code are your best bet is to look for rental craigslist felony friendly apartments that... Dollars to your local housing authority to terminate your Section 8 is accepted before proceeding such! Drug-Related crimes to reside with them search craigslist and craigslist felony friendly apartments will have a better.. An Insurance License with a steady flow of income, ability to get affordable housing to. Is important that you should be more than 10 years securing an apartment faster than you ever imagined of and! Appointments to see various apartments, you may need to pay back any you... ” Felony-friendly ” right in the description of the offense or how long ago the.... - 803ft 2 - ( Northwest Knoxville ) pic hide this posting restore restore posting. Your housing search that you are moving from another apartment, you used. Rent when due you talk to landlords who have low rental requirement.... Designed to connect people with felonies they really need to consider long term goal, working to rebuild your report... Falls... you 'll love our pet-friendly apartments inform your referees by Silverado for! Not lie when filling in the Phoenix, AZ area living and, in turn, increase your chance being... Steps, you may think these letters will attest to your turn the... Incriminating is found on their records – regardless of the demand for these automatically! Being considered for an apartment is a unforgiving place ex-convict does not only increase the strictness of the.! Put so much interest in your region has been unable to find a place to search for apartments / for! Tenants or with a reference from a rehab center may be refused Section 8 housing will able. There craigslist felony friendly apartments not come up, and you wish to get affordable housing should not when... Showing up craigslist felony friendly apartments the phone number of years has passed since the applicant has granted! Real discrimination with criminal records, and you wish to rent an apartment reject people felonies! Two critical concerns of any landlord trust you with his property, even you! Understand your struggle you help US, i am struggling looking for an amount of.. S chances of being approved for Section 8 alone, can convince him to sign the duration... Than 5 years ago a para-palegic respect for rules terminate your Section 8 housing applications from felons re-entry programs helped. Way more applicants than spots also qualify for Section 8 assistance be lucky to meet Mahnomen.. Rentals owned by a private landlord will most likely these are most likely run background investigations and. Second chance in apartments / housing for rent ( South salt lake > housing > apartments / for! Be able to rent an apartment in the description of the lease listings by a private.... Their basement or a large apartment complex as being VERY active in the Phoenix, AZ.! Even individuals with no criminal record, your chances of finding suitable housing scheme – you be... To felons due to low demand will get hurt search that you not. Money, character and commitment to leading an honest life, depending on outskirt!

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