It’s my hope that you can “plug and play” with these activities in correlation with the schedule to keep your puppy focused, engaged, and on a well-rounded system. I’m sure Remy would love that. That being said, there are a bunch of important subcategories within each of the main topics. Sleeping & mouthing issues. My 10 week old puppy seemed to do well the first several days we had him but it’s been a week and he’s still having accidents in the house. Crates are an important puppy housetraining tool that can make your life easier. Is it often. So if the start is enjoyable, and you’re too not sleep deprived or ripping up smelly carpets or cursing when you find a tatty slobbered shoe, you will only love your dog more. Or, what puppy questions do you have? And thanks to the crate for giving me a break. Nov 27, 2017. If the puppy remains calm and comfortable, try leaving the house for thirty minutes or an hour. You might have noticed we included three meal times in the routine earlier. Place him in the crate/secure puppy area and enjoy your lunch! Never leave a 10-week-old puppy crated for more than an hour or two, depending on the breed. She will still get excited for that toy when I ask her, “Do you want to play your game?”. That’s a good point. This may help to avoid accidents and also give you more … The long overnight bedtime haul can be challenging for puppies…especially when they are left alone in the dark and can’t see where you are. Good boy! Potty training a puppy is something many puppy parents struggle with. After some time resting inside, be sure to get your pup out for a potty break! I’m sharing this exclusive video from my Project Moses Video Diary in hopes that it will help you avoid any problems or serious behavioral issues (like separation anxiety) in the future! We are starting our 3rd week with weimaraner puppy Remy already. It’s time for your puppy’s final feed time! Let your puppy have some quiet time alone in his designated puppy area. As you’ll find out, a lot of your puppy’s schedule will revolve around potty breaks, so it’s my hope that you will find this acronym easy to remember! 3. Down (as in lie down) in lots of environments but especially at home to make sure he knows it really well. He's been with us for 9 days so I know it's all still very very new. BTW this is an update of my older post: Puppy Schedule for 8-10 Weeks Old Having a puppy schedule in place from the day you bring your puppy home (usually around 8 weeks of age) IS THE KEY to helping create a solid foundation for your pup as they grow into a mature dog. He gets really wild in the evenings. My wife and I just adopted a 10 week old chocolate lab puppy and have welcomed him into our home. We are all struggling with this puppy. So then, what resource do you use once your puppy hits 4 months, 6 months, or 8 months old? Hes jet black and adorable. Every puppy and breed are different, but we’ve noticed that picking up everything off the ground is fairly standard behavior for Lab puppies. For the most part he’ll hang out quietly in my office while I work. The key is to ensure your puppy feels safe, and not to give into those sad little squeaks every time you leave the room. He’s learned to wait for his food and water, up to about 15 seconds until I say “OK!”. I finally used a retractable leash (live in an apartment) and he went potty outside. Before you get your cup of coffee, watch the news, get showered for the day, etc. Take your puppy outside frequently for potty breaks to prevent them from having to use the puppy … Between 12 and 16 weeks of age, your puppy will be growing rapidly, … You know the drill...make sure your puppy has an opportunity to use the restroom! Like toddlers, puppies are full of energy and they need to be kept active during the day so they don’t go crazy or become destructive. After rest time, make sure your puppy gets a chance to use the restroom! The schedule might even make you think “How is it humanly possible to stick to such a routine week after week?”, I want you to know one thing before you scroll any further…. Puppies have predictable elimination times. I have a 10 week old puppy. Good luck! The difficult thing is that if you use the time-out kennel too much, they fall asleep and get very off schedule. Unfortunately, i have to work for 8 hours so I leave him in the bathroom in his crate with the crate door open while i'm at work. My 10 week old puppy pees a lot... House Training. However, the more you practice spending time away from your pup, the easier it will become for both of you! My older dog Ace is actually being a bit out of line with aggression. I also like to give my … He has food and water during these hours. It’s to give you a solid framework that you can work off of. Sit in all sorts of environments, working up to 30 seconds and releasing with “OK!”. He gets bored with toys very quickly, chews, pulls on the leash, eats rocks, doesn’t listen or respect me. Puppy Schedule for 8-10 weeks old Doggy Dan’s 8-Week-Old Puppy Schedule: Simplifying The Puppy Parenting Process with the PEES Structure. Katie wasn’t thrilled with Bailie, but she did enjoy playing tug a war with her. The harder piece of the puzzle is adapting your schedule as your puppy grows. We’ll work to 5 or 10 seconds. Enjoy even the puppy crazies, they are gone before you know it. He is a happy and healthy puppy. I recommend setting up a designated mealtime area. Bring treats! Setting your puppy up for success with food is so important I’m going to share an exclusive video with you from my Project Moses Video Diary—one of many videos within a paid program that show you step-by-step how to work with your new puppy as I train my puppy, Moses. Potty training a puppy is something … My advice is that you do as best as you can to stick to the schedule when you first bring your new puppy home. I’m not expecting him to heel. Your email address will not be published. Guide dogs uses training collars, but they won’t put it on a puppy until he’s at least 6 months old. Consistency, attention, … 2. Training my 10 week old pup. Advice on 10 week old puppy please. Today we play with them when we get home, 30 minutes after meal time, and now that it’s summer, before it gets dark. Christmas Puppies: Are You Truly Ready for the Responsibility of a Dog? Transitioning from mother’s milk to puppy food is a big change for your little puppy’s stomach. Here’s the good news…the ultimate puppy schedule can be broken down into 4 main needs…. Hi everyone. Our walks are not structured at all. Your puppy's vaccines should have already begun at approximately 8 weeks of age, so they should be being boostered at 12 and 16 weeks. Although he sleeps in his crate at night next to our bed with zero issues, I'm trying to figure out which is the best houstraining method during the day: crate training or confining him to a "puppy … He’s getting big, about 18 pounds. If you have a new puppy or a new dog, it helps to write out a few goals for each week. I have a pad inside, which he uses when I am not watching him. Of course, this is more difficult with an 8-week-old puppy, but it’s not impossible to set boundaries so your pup isn’t jumping all over you. At 12 weeks old, your Labrador puppy has probably been sharing your home for at least a couple of weeks … My boy was 6 months old when I got him from he breeder. I’ve had dogs since I was much younger, and I’m usually pretty relaxed, but this is really upsetting me and I end up doing all of the ‘do nots’. However, when you make going potty a regular part of your daily routine, it becomes much easier for your pup to get a hold of using the bathroom in appropriate places. (16 Posts) Add message | Report. It's a good idea to put him on a long-leash even if you are playing in. So what’s your next step as a puppy parent? It’s one of those behaviors that wore off so quietly that I forgot it until someone mentioned it. We have a manual that outline what are puppy should be doing each week. Is your puppy properly vaccinated so he/she doesn’t pick up any dangerous illnesses while playing with another dog? You’ll just continue to have pulling issues if you choose to use a martingale or chain collar. Toilet training. It’s designed to help educate you on how to best set up your puppy’s day with everything from feeding schedules to potty training. You never know when a silent signal to him might come in handy. Ace doesn’t have any of those but I’ve used them with other dogs. Knowing how important socialization is, I recommend that you start finding opportunities to socialize your pup as soon as you can! Jump to the 8-Week-Old Puppy Schedule Now! If he continues to try to nip or bite you after that time, you need to use training to stop that behavior. It’s time for an afternoon meal! It’s potty break time! We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. A 10-week-old-puppy is learning as much as he can about his surroundings. In this video I will show you how I set up a safe space for my puppy Moses so you can set up a similar space in your home. Link has an aversion to any form of “stay”. Yesterday he peed and pooped inside right after being outside. My pup tries to eat rocks, too! 4. But a little interaction is very helpful when it comes to teaching your puppy to be gentle with food. Because this is such an important topic, I want to share with you 3 videos from my Project Moses Video Diary so you can see first hand how I handled socialization with Moses during three different stages of his early life (I filmed the raising of my puppy, Moses, from 8 weeks to 1 year and created a video-diary course — these are just a few of the 70+ videos covering the important stages of his first year that you can access in my Puppy Coach program). Great goals! Totally normal. They’re zonked at night now. Puppy stage: By 6 months. He was supposed to be potty trained but despite going out every 2 hours he would go inside. Your email address will not be published. Your puppy needs a rest! I think I need to add something to our routine in the evenings! Be sure to print off the outline and hang it somewhere you can see it in your home so you can use it as a daily reminder of how to structure your new puppy’s day! Ready to embark on an exciting adventure? Sometimes he lies in the grass. I always thought it was because of a second win after eating. Of course there are alternative options and you will need to adapt this to suit you and your situation however here is my schedule that I have stuck to with great results. Have fun! It’s not ok to sleep in and wait until 10 AM to give your pup a potty break. Establishing a schedule is vitally important. Looking for your Learning to Listen Video? Set your puppy up with a fun toy or spend some time playing on the floor together! His goal is to continue to share his unique approach to dog training with like-minded people who wish to make a difference in the world of dogs. After your puppy has some activity time, it’s time for breakfast! I take this puppy out 4x an hour and he does go most of the time but he still pees inside so often. Sit outside somewhere like the post office where people come and go and have treats. So that about sums it up. Puppies need a surprising amount of sleep and it can be hard to tell the difference between normal puppy nonsense and overtired. Being away from his mother, sisters and brothers isn’t easy for your new 2 month old puppy. Annoying. Always make sure to change your puppy’s water so it’s fresh and clean and serve his/her breakfast in a designated dog bowl. Training & Development 2 Month Old Puppy. Puppies will respond to your tone of voice, so try using a deep voice to indicate disappointment or disapproval and a higher pitched voice to show enthusiasm. Whether your puppy is 3 months old, 6 months old, or 18 months old, the order of training should start with the same words and respect training I've been talking about. He’s all over the place exploring and we might do a few seconds of focus, like sit. During the night I have marked on his toilet stops. Just drop your email address into the box below. We’re up to about 15 seconds! Overall, we keep saying what a good puppy he is, but of course we have a lot to work on and we’re having a few issues too (aren’t we all?). The Puppy Coach training program is a step-by-step instruction manual that provides EVERYTHING you need to know about taking care of your puppy during his/her entire puppyhood. Hi everyone. Do it now while he’s a baby and you’ll be grateful for it later when he’s an adult. A puppy who is extra wild and extra zoomy and bitey? I know, it might look a little overwhelming. Find out more about the Puppy Coach training program here! These pups are almost nine weeks old now, and are making super progress! If your puppy is a bit older, or you have a second, more mature dog in your home, I encourage you to check out how I trained over 37,000 dogs with my program, The Dog Calming Code. Your puppy won’t notice the gradual movement and it’s a great way to transition your puppy to being more independent! It’s possible it may all even seem a little overwhelming! Play with your pup and do your best to tire them out so they will sleep during the night! Never hit a puppy that bites. With very young puppies, and in the early stages of training, you can also try taking the dog out every 20 minutes or so, when possible. Probably needs an earlier bedtime (or equivalent boost in sleep time), not a behavior time-out. Make sure you get your pup outside! 4. Puppies, as early as 8 week old, can be left behind in a crate up to however old they are in months plus one hour. If you’re struggling with chewing, I encourage you to take a look at an article I wrote on how to get your dog from chewing on and destroying your stuff… Read it now! However, if you’re looking for some homemade options, I encourage you to check my resources below…. The goal of this schedule isn’t to overwhelm you. Of course, as your puppy grows, their feeding needs will change and become less frequent. 2. I now have a slight case of puppy fever…. 7. We are working on leash walking, crate training. 1. Very few 8-week old puppies are able to sleep all night in a crate without needing to go outside. 25 thoughts on “Training a 10-Week-Old Puppy – Our Goals This Week” Colby. You may not be able to follow this schedule completely, but I guarantee it will be an incredibly helpful resource that will enable you to set your puppy up for success as you make the transition into puppy parenthood! Potty (P): Some Insight Into My Best Toilet Training Practices. ), Sleep – when Moses is in his crate or pen usually asleep, 6am – Wake Moses up and toilet! For example…. Listen to My Podcast on Overexcited Behaviors While on a Walk! If you look online for puppy schedules, you can easily become overwhelmed by the amount of information available…not to mention the complexity of some of the schedules put out there. Be sure to get your puppy outside! You want to create a calm environment and minim… Answer: While young puppies provide many precious moments they, like infants and toddlers, require an extraordinary amount of time, planning, and energy—usually much more than one predicts. . Yes, it’s time for another potty break! If you look... Potty (P): Some Insight Into My Best Toilet Training Practices. Required fields are marked *. That Mutt is a participant in affiliate advertising with Amazon, Chewy and Darwin’s. Here’s what to expect from your growing pup week-to-week. What puppy advice do you have for me? I have broken the schedule into 4 different activities…, Eating – Moses is fed 3 times each day at the moment. I make sure the pup gets exercise in other ways. Plus, a GL can help you with the rock eating. Bold puppies…will eventually outgrow it. I used part of her meal (she ate kibble back then) with very tiny higher value treats mixed in, and as she got the hang of it I’d make it harder by not hiding a treat in every space. Exposure to the environment. We use gentle leaders or haltis really early on. Our walks are very casual just for getting out and about socializing and burning energy. My wife and I just adopted a 10 week old chocolate lab puppy and have welcomed him into our home. Normal. The new surroundings of your home and all of the new sights and smells that go along with it doesn’t make it any easier. And I simply won’t “do” pulling on lead. Puppy Development: 10 Weeks to 2 Years Introducing a New Puppy to Your Dog Introducing a New Puppy to Your Child Choosing the Best Food for Puppies Puppy Feeding Schedule Homemade Puppy Food People Food to Feed to Puppies Puppy Toys and Play Tips for Vactioning When You Own a Puppy How to Clean Up Puppy Accidents Reasons Puppies Improve Our Lives What to Expect From Training … Just like a new baby, your puppy is going to require a lot of sleep during their first year of life. You can even feed them in their crate … Any suggestions? Each evening, move your puppy another foot or two away from your bed, until your puppy is eventually in a different room. Haha. It’s important to understand that your tiny little puppy probably won’t like being left by themself. It’s that walking on a loose leash with the appropriate focus to the handler in the face of so many great distractions (and rocks to eat!) At this critical socialization period that ends by 16 weeks, puppies are … They key is preventing those accidents. 1. Sensitive puppies may stop if you have a firm enough No. Hi everyone. Did you say you had some puzzle toys for Ace? Training should take place from the time you bring your dog home. I think I’ll use a clicker and “click” and treat the second he’s quiet. In an effort to provide you with the most comprehensive puppy schedule possible, I’ve packed a lot of information into an hour-by-hour puppy schedule. Re-direct him if he bothers them. I 100% understand that you have a life outside of your puppy. ,